Top 10 Unbelievable Wedding And Marriage Records


wedding and marriage records
The most expensive wedding, the longest marriage and other unbelievable records.

Longest engagement: Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez got engaged in 1902, when they were both 15 years old, and married at age 82. That's a whopping 67 years of procrastination! We'd love more details on the years in between.

Most marriages in a lifetime: Now here's a story that belongs on a Lifetime TV show. Glynn Wolfe, who also holds the record for the most divorces, married 29 times during his 88 years of life. His shortest union lasted 19 days, and his longest one seven years. The first marriage occurred in 1926, and the last one in 1996, to—get this—Linda Essex, who held the record for female with the most marriages. Best publicity stunt ever? The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts


Oldest bride and groom: Francoise Frenandez and Madeleine Francineau married in 2002 at an old-folks home in France when the two were 96 and 94, respectively. Love knows no age, indeed.

Most marriage vow renewals: Lauren Lubeck Blair and David E. Hough married each other for the 83rd time in 2004. We wonder how many times they've renewed their vows since.

Largest difference in weight: Jon Brower Minnoch, who weighed 1,290 lbs, had two sons with his wife, Jeannette, who weighed 110 lbs. He died in 1983 after five years of marriage.

Most expensive weddingVanisha Mittal, daughter of the world's fifth richest person, married investment banker, Amid Bhatia, in Versailles. The six-day extravaganza, which included a reenactment of the couple's courtship and a performance by Kylie Minogue, reportedly cost $55 million dollars.

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