Fallen in Love stranger love


love .... sometimes so beautiful and warm'm 13 years been together tree house all the trimmings ....... the love is gone like a withered rose which is in a hot mist nistige how life-changing can take the other as a set point behind the pain was unbearable nights are still tossing and your daughter as it were, only half have not even grow up paternity my pride my everything is gone like a burning rose in the hot haze. ......... but now after a half more years I do a pretty nice woman I was immediately sold it was it was so delicious I could not accommodate me in her heart though I injured for the best aar happened so she has of me to love them after a few weeks to her father to ask if she could marry me and now it is a Muslim woman and you can guess our love was denied and she would be to marry an Afghan man that served on the chain real life she chooses to decide what her father so that her husband had married how I could fall in love this picture of her if I could show you know what I'm talking about only the vision of her face her eyes as Sireen peace and faith so definitely you refuge and a soulmate and that she sh

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