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Games anyone?


Okay, so you meet a great guy. He is PERFECT, has a great job, well spoken, no kids, no extra baggage, independent, emotionally available, in touch with his feelings, responsive, attentive, handsome, I mean the list can go on but all of the sudden after he has been this great guy who chats with you, texts you, calls you from work, after work, of course sporadically not all at once in that order, you as a woman begin to feel like okay this guy really wants what I want.  Its obvious to you.  Not to mention he buys you a very expensive gift on your second date, you both begin to talk about the possibility of staying together for good, your future together and so much more, heck he already asked you for your ring size....   Okay so needless to say this guy just sounds to good to be true. You decide to give him the benefit of the doubt, we all deserve it right or least we would want to have it right MEN? Okay so you give it, as Naive, stupid or silly as you may think it is.  You say yes this could be THE one.   So You begin to act  more like you have been dating for more than a month, a little needy, insecure at times, attentive, loving, I mean you really want this to work like he is making you believe he does too.  So he feeds you all this lets call it  "the best piece of cake you ever had" translation: CRAP......and then as you show  him that you are just as responsive, caring good, compasionate, and everything that can lead him to think that hey yes I want you and only you, BAM before you can even finish your piece of cake he takes it away.....why after knowing that you both want the same things, explain why would a man stop calling  Why are there still grown men in their mid 30's trying to play games.  Anybody......does age really matter when there is a 7 year difference, or distance, lets say he is barely 2 hours away, that you have only been dating for one month and only been on 3 dates, or the fact that he was supposed to call you for plans to go out but he never did.  The message is clear.....I get it.....that reads to me that HE IS NOT INTERESTED.......DUH!.   It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.  So why then do you men spend, invest, waste, and deliberatly exhaust as much energy and time (by the way anything more than 1 date is considered this) in someone YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT!


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