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Is a Bet really a Bet?


Is a Bet really a Bet?

So I recently got in contact with a former person of interest from when I was just a freshman in college. That is about 10 years ago. We have been talking and chatting for about 3 months. During that time we made a flirtatious bet about something in which I was the loser of the bet. As the victor of the bet, I would flash my breast to him. I really don't feel comfortable flashing my breast. I know a bet is a bet and I am the loser but it kind of makes me think what is his purpose of talking to me. If I flash him my breast what else is next. I can't start a normal sweet relationship from that. Am I just being prude? We actually went out on a date last Saturday and it was fun. I like talking and laughing and I just don't know where to go with this. Normally I would cut all losses and run because I don't like to work on relationships whether it be friendships or partnerships. I am at the age and place where I am grown and I need to start doing grown up things. I want a real relationship and I am guessing this is not how it is suppose to be.

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