10 More Dating Deal Breakers To Ignore


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Don't let these dating deal breakers keep you from the One.

4. He's too good between the sheets. Because he's had experience. Apparently a decent amount of it, and if you think too much about, well, that can be a turn-off. The thing is, he is with you now. So relax, reap the benefits, and be safe, as always. Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You

5. His family is insane! So his mom is certifiable, his brother is in jail and his sister thinks she's Lord Voldemort. That doesn't mean he's crazy. Give him the benefit of the doubt; a lot of good people come from difficult stock, and are more open-minded and patient because of it. And tell me: would you want to be defined by what your siblings do?


6. He has an STD. It's scary to consider risking your health in the name of love. But if you're both willing to take the necessary precautions, it's more than possible to make this one work. Consult with a doctor before engaging in any intimate activities, in order to learn how best to protect yourself. Then go ahead and have fun, you two crazy kids! Being diagnosed with an STD shouldn't condemn one to a life of celibacy. Living With An STD

7. He has mommy issues. It can be tough to deal with guys who obviously haven't cut the umbilical cord. But consider this: oftentimes, the men who hold their mothers to an elevated level of respect are the ones who treat their ladyfriends best. Just be careful not to let his familial loyalties get out of hand. If your relationship gets super-serious, he should understand that, as a couple, you should always present a united front when dealing with the fam.

8. He's taking antidepressants and/or anxiety meds. A lot of people think that antidepressants are a red flag but, quite often, the opposite is true. Almost 10 percent of the U.S. population suffers from depression, and many of those people go untreated (and are sort of unbearable to be around). Someone who is on medication is someone who is in control of his mental health.

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