Jonah Falcon: Biggest Penis Ever?


Jonah Falcon: Biggest Penis Ever?
A Q&A with Jonah Falcon, man with a 13.5-inch penis, aka the biggest penis ever.

7.) Do you think it hurts/helps your love life?

Being unemployed hurts my love life. 


8.) Just ballpark figure, how many date offers did you get after your appearance on The Daily Show? More from men or women?

I always get date offers from gay men. Women tend to be more circumspect.

9.) What's the wackiest thing a gay man has ever said about it?

Comparisons to an elephant's trunk.

10.) When did you first notice you were, um, different then other guys? 

Baseball camp when I was 18. They just noticed the massive bulge, and compared with me.

11.) What are you looking for in a significant other?

My future wife will have similar interests. After years of sex, someone whom I can identify with is paramount. Geeky stuff. Sci-fi, writing, games, etc.

12.) And, finally, doesn't it ever get uncomfortable? Where do you buy condoms?

No. I use XL condoms, even though they only fit half. At least there's no fluid exchange.


Check out Samantha Bee's hilarous segment, "Jonah Falcon Needs A Job" from The Daily Show.

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