1 In 4 Americans Are Too Tired For Sex


too tired for sex
It seems one out of four Americans are too tired to have sex and would rather sleep.

3. A Teaser

Try sending your man a steamy text while you're both at work, or give him a little peep show when you're getting dressed in the morning. It will have him pining for you all day, and have you feeling like the little minx you are.


4. A Sexy Number

Mmmmm... putting on that worn-out over-sized T-shirt makes you want to curl up and nod off. We know! So don't wear it! It's tempting to come home, take of your nylons, and put on the most comfortable, baggy (read: un-sexy) thing you own. But try saying no to the sweats once in a while in favor of something slinky. It will make you feel sexy and your guy won't be able to keep his hands off you. Or better yet, you can forgo the pajamas all together.

How do you keep your sex life alive and still get the ZZZ's you need? Tell us below!


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