Lost in the Land of Old Boyfriends

By YourTango

Lost in the Land of Old Boyfriends

So lately, I’ve been enjoying one of those delectable moments when
you watch the book called “The Past” close for good.  Ever have those
moments when you feel the direction of life changing because you want
different things, because you feel yourself drawn to new kinds of
people?  You know something’s changing, some day soon life will no
longer be the same.  The moment is pregnant with possibility.

Maybe this is the point of these boyfriend dreams.  I don’t want to
rekindle things with Big Ex or cozy up to the flatulent professor. 
Maybe I’m revisiting the past so I can step away from it once and for
all.  Maybe these men are visiting so I can say one last goodbye.  A
door is opening and though I’m unsure of what’s on the other side, I
know few of these people, these bad habits or old ways of doing the
business of life are coming through it with me.



**Reprinted from Laura K. Warrell's blog Tart&Soul at www.TartandSoul.com.

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