7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners


7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners
Hollywood husband and wife celebrity duos who have his and her Oscar statuettes at home.

The intense Paul Newman and the classy Joanne Woodward were perhaps Hollywood's ultimate power couple. From the time they married in 1958 until Newman's death 50 years later, they starred alongside each other in a dozen films, and Newman directed Woodward in a handful more. During their time together, he won three Oscars (Best Actor for 1987's The Color of Money and two honorary statues) and was nominated for nine more; she took home her Best Actress Oscar the year they were married for The Three Faces of Eve and was nominated for three more over the years. Could You Win The Oscar For Best-Supporting Wife?

Jack Nicholson is not only one of Hollywood's greatest actors, he's also one of its greatest womanizers. Still, Anjelica Huston managed to keep him tied down (though they never officially married) for more than 15 years until their 1989 split. Nicholson's won three Oscars (Supporting Actor in 1984 for Terms of Endearment, and Best Actor in 1976 for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and 1998 for As Good as It Gets) and been nominated for nine more; Huston's came in 1986, when she won Best Supporting Actress (opposite Nicholson, and directed by her father) for Prizzi's Honor, and has netted two more nominations since. Jack Nicholson Loves The Ladies (Duh)

Two giants of the Golden Age of Hollywood, this British couple was married for 20 years, but they made only two films together (Fire Over England and That Hamilton Woman) during that time. The legendary Sir Laurence Oliver is one of the most-nominated actors of all time; he won three times (Best Actor for 1949's Hamlet and two honorary awards) and was nominated a stunning 10 more times. His wife was no slouch herself: though nominated only twice (Best Actress in 1940 for Gone with the Wind and 1952 for A Streetcar Named Desire) Leigh won both times.