5 Unique Wedding Invitations We Love


unique wedding invitations
A Super Mario-inspired wedding invitation plus other awesome and unique wedding invitations.

3. Do It Yourself: Matt and Jill Dorfman's wedding invitations, which recall a 1940's magazine advertisement, not only tell the story of their 7-year, long-distance courtship, but they included cute little fold-and-pull RSVP postcards. See the whole thing (it's rather long) on Matt's blog. 3 Things We Secretly Love About Weddings

4. Geek Love. If there's one thing you should learn from this post, it's that you should never underestimate the creativity of nerds. Heck, we're about 10 steps closer to marrying one just so we can have invites as cool as the ones we've seen online. Self-proclaimed geek Reenie drew a comic-book style wedding invite inspired by internet buzz and gaming culture. Check the "invite seen 'round the world" out over at Geekologie. How many Internet memes do you recognize?