Busy Wedding Days: A Baby & A Vendetta


Busy Wedding Days: A Baby & A Vendetta
Starting a honeymoon in a hospital or a jailhouse is not fun.

Now, the ewwwww moment.  Per All Headline News, a pair of Mass-holes were driving through Hyannis, MA, when the new wifey spotted her dude's former old lady walking down the street. She swung the car at her man's ex several times and yelled lewd and insensitive comments from an open window. The husband was riding shotgun. Apparently it didn't bother him that his ex had their mutual son in tow. Johnny Law, never known for his sense of humor when it comes to vehicular assault, wrangled the opposite-of-joyriding newlyweds and let them cool it out in the slammer overnight. The new husband has been charged with disorderly conduct, and the wife with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Let's hope the honeymoon doesn't involve a drive-by. Read: Encore! Second Wedding Planning

Auxiliary jokes:
Something something rector? Damn near killed 'er.
Something something that's what you get with women drivers.
Something something mugshot doubles as a wedding album.
Something something talk about a bridezilla.
Something something throw the umbilical cord something something instead of throwing the garter.

Feel free to add your own.

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