A tip on being fit and attractive

A tip on being fit and attractive
As I was very very fat when I was younger (110 kg or 242 lb), I hated not wearing a "top" and any other leisure activities that requires so, which includes, for example, going to the beach or the swimming pool, some outdoor sports, etc.
Now I am rather fit. Not athletically fit, but at least my love handles are actual love handles, not giant bags made of fat and skin. However, the hatred of being topless persisted. In order to treat this "fear", some days ago I proposed myself a bet: will I be able to walk around town without a T-shirt or the like? (I know it may sound a bit strange, but remember that I'm from Brazil, whose climate is VERY hot almost every day, even in autumn or winter. So, it may not be so bizarre as it seems).
I knew I'd feel a bit embarrassed if my sight crossed other people's, or if I heard any comment about me from them. So I "hid" myself behind my sunglasses and mp3 player.
I won my bet and learned something cool from it.
Why do I worry so much about it? Ok, it is good to keep ourselves fit, but then I thought: much better if I tried to be fit for myself only, and not for others' opinion, isn't it?
I'm not six-packed, my torso and biceps are not blasting out of the shirt. Gladly I am healthy.

Do you understand why did I choose that image to illustrate this post? Because normally women are so afraid of the moment they are going to take off the bra! "What will he think of my body? My boobs are so small and humble!". We men do think kinda the same when we are going to take off our underwear too, you know. Provided we are healthy, there's no reason to think on sizes, shapes, etc. We are so different from each other, and that's so admirable!


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