Guys: What We Wish You Would Do In Bed


what women want during sex
5 sexy moves most women are embarrassed to ask for.

2. She wants to fool around in public: Let me be clear: Having full-on sex in public might be a little too risqué — not to mention messy — for some women, myself included. But that doesn't mean a lady wouldn't love a heavy-duty make-out session at that banquet in the far corner of the bar, the backseat of her car, or on her front steps!

How to ask: Download the Kelis song "In Public" — the chorus goes "Let's get it on in public" — and when it plays, ask your girl if she thinks it's sexy.


3. She wants to be dominated: Even big-mouthed ballsy women like me enjoy being dominated! Yet dominating a woman scares a lot of men because they are afraid — rightfully so — of being rape-y. But with tons of trust and communication, she'll be creaming her panties in no time! You just need to take baby steps and constantly read her body language to make sure she's comfortable, both physically and emotionally. I want to emphasize the importance of baby steps: If you're going to play around with domination, it's never a good idea to start off with anything that might hurt her feelings or humiliate her, i.e., barking orders at her ("Go down on me NOW!") or name-calling ("Slut!"). Playing around with restraints — loose restraints, of course — is definitely a better way to go.

How to ask: Start simple. Really simple. "Would you like it if I blindfolded you the next time I go down on you?" If she likes that, next time ask, "Would you like it if I loosely tied your wrists to the bedposts?" If she likes that, next time ask, "Would you like it if I held down your arms while I lick your breasts?" If she likes that, the two of you can figure out what else she might like. It’s also a good idea to create a "safe word," which is something she can say when she wants you to stop immediately. (Sometimes in the heat of the moment people say "Oh, noooo!" when they really mean "Oh, that feels good!" So it's good if your safe word is something other than "no.")  My safe word is this sentence: "I want you to stop now." Because it makes my intentions clear.

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