5 Sexy Things That Are Weird When He Does Them


5 Sexy Things That Are Weird When He Does Them
From heavy breathing to lip-licking, some things are sexy from only one gender.

4. Over-grooming. A lady getting cleaned up, being covered in lotion (or body glitter if it's Mardi Gras 1999) and going hair-free is very much a turn-on. Awooga! A dude getting waxed bare and bathed in jasmine rosewater is just bizarre.

5. Wearing each other's clothes. Lounging around in our button-down oxford and a pair of our boxers is a great way to turn breakfast into morning sex, at least in our minds. When we toss on your camisole and Victoria's Secret g-string, however, you either laugh or vomit...sometimes both. Dudes also shouldn't lounge around nude, or try the no clothes under a trench coat move (that's a good way to get picked up for mopery). Read: Survey: Sexy Lingerie Ditched In As Little As 4 Weeks After First Date


What other sexy lady things should guys avoid?


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