Modern Marriage: He's My Wusband, I'm His Hife

marriage roles

One newlywed couple scoffs at convention and redefines modern marriage roles.

I'm a brand-spanking newlywed whose single biggest fear about marriage was the word wife.

For me, it conjures up centuries of well-worn stereotypes: Women in bonnets bent over hot stoves, and '60s Stepford-types handing over martinis with tight smiles—nothing resembling the thoroughly-2010 relationship I have with the guy I love. Lemondrop: The Obamas Prove What We Already Knew — Marriage Is Hard Work

I said "I do" to him because he's irreverent but responsible, scary-smart but socially graceful, and the person who never fails to make me guffaw. In fact, one fateful day after a bad breakup, before we were even an us, I said to him, "Adam, what if I die alone?" Lemondrop: Divorced Couple Remarries After One Month Of Separation

"Don't worry," replied my future husband with a grin, "There are lots of nice people in the old folks home."

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Written by Carrie Sloan for Lemondrop.


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