10 Dating Deal Breakers That Really Aren't


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Is your dating deal breaker radar discounting guys who could be The One?

5. He's divorced. Okay. Stop hyperventilating. While a previous marriage can leave one with serious emotional baggage, a divorce does not mean there's something wrong with the person who went through it. In fact, the experience may have left him with a better perspective on what he wants (or doesn't want) in a partner, and what works when it comes to negotiating the rough spots. Over time, he may open up about the specifics of his divorce. In the meantime, concentrate on who he is as a person, not who he is as a divorced person.

6. He has kids. Seriously, guys. Stop. hyperventilating. And then, once you've calmed down a bit, observe. The way a man acts with (or talks about) his children can be a great indicator of how well he'll end up treating you, or even what type of father he'll be to your kids.


7. He comes from a wildly different background. Are you nervous about what people will say if you date someone outside of your race? Afraid your parents will go berserk if you end up with someone of a different faith? If you're confident enough to shrug off their judgments you may find such relationships extra-rewarding; working through your differences will result in greater understanding of each other and another culture. And, hopefully this goes without saying, but the color of his skin does not affect his ability to love the heck out of you. 

8. You're a Democrat; he's a Republican. So long as neither one of you is an extremist, you should be capable of keeping things civil. If nothing else, your differences will make for some rousing political debates and, if you're extra open-minded, it could be fun having a window into the innermost thoughts of someone whose political values are so different from your own. They Overcame Their Political Differences

9. You have different interests. Your diet consists of pasta and veggies, he's a major meat eater. He loves smash-'em-up adventure flicks, you're a fan of the artsy fartsy. You still have Debbie Gibson in your iTunes music library, he...well, he'd rather not comment on your musical tastes, because it might hurt your feelings. While it's nice to share some interests with your significant other, you don't want your partner to be a carbon copy of you. If you don't give someone slightly different from you a chance, you may never realize how totally awesome horror flicks are, or how exhilarating rock climbing can be, or how perfect Pulp's "Common People" sounds when it pops up on your playlist directly after Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth."

10. His last name is Hymen, Wertzberger, or Hogge. Don't fret. You could always keep your maiden name.


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