Cougar-ish Town


Cougar-ish Town

I’ve been dating Scott for over a year now. I’d be lying if I said
that it’s only when other people bring up the age difference that I
remember that there is one. I have my moments where I can practically
feel the fine lines sprouting around my eyes. Then there are the
mornings I go into the bathroom, take one look in the mirror and
internally shriek…. Class-5-tornado-hair AND fine lines is enough for
me to want to permanently install a keg of Oil of Olay over the
bathroom sink. But then, I stop… take a deep breath, brush my hair into
a ponytail and remember the wise words I once read from an interview of
Antonio Banderas. He said, “Wrinkles are beautiful too….They are like
carats, the more the better….” It’s even more affective if you can
imagine him saying this with his accent…. Mmmm…. Um, sorry… I just got
distracted for a moment. ANYway, I’m not sure if my fine lines will
ever be sparkly, like diamonds… perhaps that’s just a Hollywood thing.
Regardless, it’s a nice reminder that age can be beautiful too.

So yes, I’m dating a younger man…. But does that make me a cougar?!??
Hell no!  Anyone who know-knows me, KNOWS I’m a dog person! And, as
fate would have it…. He’s a dog person too!

Lucky-lucky- me….. RAWR!!!

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