Love Test: The Trait Singles Want Most In A Date


What's the number one trait singles want in a date?

3) Marathoning for a cause. Marathons are great ways to get super fit, meet people and use a platform to raise awareness for a cause. We're gonna bet many of your coworkers, friends and family will be willing to kick back $5 towards the cause of your choice and we can't even tell you how many couples we know that met through marathon training!

4) Walks/Marches/Dances. Similar idea to marathons but more geared to those of us who don't have the time (or ability) to run 26.2 miles, walks and dance-a-thons are also geared toward one common cause like AIDS or breast cancer research. Raising money and engaging with a group of people who are all united to fight for an issue you care about or might even have personal experience is an exhilarating and intimate way to meet people. A Great Combo: Online Dating And Donating


5) Animal shelter. Calling all animal lovers! Millions of animals are homeless in America and they need our time and effort to help them find happy homes. And what better way to meat a caring pet owner/appreciator? Plus easiest icebreaker in the world: "So, cats or dogs?" 

From an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense that we would be attracted to people who we predict would make us chicken soup when we're sick as opposed to say kick us in the shins and steal our blankets. But sincerity is important, being a genuinely generous person is part of the deal, bragging or exaggerating about volunteer activities would be turn-off and tacky. From Ice to Nice: Six Ways to Be More Approachable

*This advice not supported by scientific evidence.


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