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YourTango Talks With...Jackie Collins


We talk sex, love and pop culture with best-selling author Jackie Collins.

5. What couple do you admire most? The pair can be from real life, history, fiction, film, etc.

Brad and Angelina. They rock! 

6. Since you've been writing about Hollywood, in what significant way has the town changed the most?

Big Business now rules.

7. Which of all the young starlets/tabloid fodder/etc. is your favorite?

I love Paris Hilton. She really knows how to use the media, and she enjoys having fun with it.

8. In your experience, when it comes to romantic relationships, what's the biggest difference between men and women?

Women should learn to let go and not obsess. Men should learn to listen.

9. What is one thing you should never do in bed?

Use the word "small." Size, Apparently, Matters More To Guys

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