Love Bytes: Chatroulette's Upside & Lady Gaga's Ex

love bytes
Buzz, Heartbreak

Chatroulette's upsdie, Lady Gaga gets back at an ex, & introducing the PS-Spot.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links:

Thought you were the only one sick of hearing about Tiger Woods and his, uh... nine iron? Think again. [MomLogic]

Oldest child? Middle kid? Baby of the family? Find out how your birth order can factor into your relationships. [TresSugar]

Lady Gaga takes aim at a former flame who had the nerve to actually doubt her potential star power in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Shots. Fired. [PopEater]

What's your guy's type? Asylum details some of the unexpected cliches men tend to secretly go for. [Asylum]

Sure, he looks good... but does he sound good, too? Explore the science behind a sexy voice. [Divine Caroline]

Meet the PS-Spot—the red-headed step sister that your G-Spot never knew she had. [Em & Lo]

Might want to think twice before taking out a personal ad on that billboard. Here are some examples of public declarations of love gone horribly, horribly wrong. [The Huffington Post]

Sometimes the best advice can come from total strangers—that's right, even nameless, faceless internet strangers. Here's what you can learn about sex from Chatroulette. [Nerve]

You'll never look at stockings the same way again. Ever. Sexcapades of both the horrifying and hilarious variety, courtesy of [The Frisky].

A Christian Safe House harboring adulterers? Sounds like a Mad Lib. [Double X]



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