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Hairy Guys? Geeks? What's Your Secret Type?


We know the secret types of men you're totally into.

What's your type? Tall, dark and handsome, with a good sense of humor? Yeah, right. 

According to a new poll, women may say that's what they want, but what they really get hot for is a slightly chunky, hairy guy with a propensity to cry during movies. Or so 2,500 women told one polling firm.

The data collected by found that "a little stubble" is women's number one turn-on, followed by a "geeky" personality and a hairy chest. (Gray hair and crying during movies were also among the secret peccadilloes.) Women also admitted to preferring a dude who is soft and cuddly versus one who is totally ripped. Lemondrop: Do Men Prefer Average Body Types

Of course, the "overweight bearded guy," like totally dreamy Zach Galifianakis, isn't our only secret type—in fact, once we polled the office, a whole new (who knew!?) list emerged.

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Written by the Lemondrop staff. 


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