What Does A Kiss Mean? 9 Kisses Decoded


what does a kiss mean
A kiss can mean so many things; our field guide decodes the most important lip locks.

6. I Love You/I Hate You. This one involves a sudden, passionate embrace after bickering. This kiss is unchoreographed mayhem at its best. It says, "You make me so mad and I can't stand you but I must have you and that makes me even more mad which makes me want you even more, DAMN YOU!!!" Pop Culture Reference Point: Check out Han Solo and Princess Leia's first kiss in The Empire Strikes Back for a textbook example of the adversary-lover dance. 7 Ways To Push His Buttons

7. Hard-mouth-closed. This one is featured in many classic films. It occurs when the leading man finally pins down his female nemesis/love interest and plants one on her. It's often accompanied by a wrist grab, so that you don't push him away, you firebrand! It says, "I'm going to teach you not to sass me and give me guff, by gum!"

8. Against The Wall. "I want you so bad." Although this kiss usually happens spontaneously and in a semi-public setting (e.g. alleyway, bar bathroom, book reading, etc.), you always wish there was a bed nearby that you could collapse into, because—damn it!—this is hot! 10 Surprising Facts About Kissing

9. The Bend Back. Old-fashioned and romantic, he leans in to you and bends you backward, often with one hand holding the small of your back, and the other placed gently against the side of your face. Swoony. This is generally for people who are uber-comfortable with each other, have a sense of humor and are absolutely crazy about each other. Pop Culture Case in Point: Carrie and Berger on SATC or, better yet, Rhett and Scarlett in Gone With The Wind. This kiss says, "Darling, I am yours. Hold onto your petticoats as my white steed approaches to whisk us away to fairy-land." Yeah, it's a fun one.

So... what's your favorite kiss? Got any more types for our list?

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