Single Life: 7 Ways To Stay Positive About Dating


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Dating got you down? How to stay positive about the single life.

2. Have a life. See your friends and family. Do the things you love (hobbies, exercise, curl up with a good book, whatever). Don't let dating consume all of your free time. 10 Hobbies To Increase Your Sex Appeal

3. Date against type. Yeah, I know that may seem like a contradiction to number one. I'm not suggesting you look lower, I'm saying look wider. Try dating a type of guy who you've never considered before. For example, I've recently gone on several dates with younger guys (new territory for me). Maybe you've always gone for brainy-academic types in the past. It won't kill you to try a date with a guy whose favorite book was The DaVinci Code. He might surprise you.


4. Break your habits. Meeting all of your dates at the corner Starbucks may seem practical and easy, but it gets monotonous fast. One of the best things about dating can be discovering new bars, cafes and restaurants in addition to new men. 

5. Treat yourself. Dating can be a great excuse (not that you need one!) to buy new lipstick, get your nails done, or splurge on a hot new pair of red shoes. Ah, red shoes…

6. Remember why you're dating in the first place. I find it helpful to remind myself, frequently, that the rewards of a good relationship far outweigh the stress or humiliation of any bad date (or string of bad dates). You're the tortoise here, not the hare.

7. Give yourself a vacation from dating (i.e, take a break). Your dating vacation should have a set beginning and end. Maybe it's a month, maybe more, maybe less.  Decide how long of a vacation you need and then do it.  As with any good vacation, you'll return refreshed and renewed, only maybe a little more horny. 3 Ways To Change Your Bad Dating Attitude

Single ladies, what do you do when you're suffering from dating burnout?

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