Male Take: Where To Meet Good Men

By YourTango

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Where can you meet single men? Five places to meet good guys.

It's been said many times, but the human tendency to reach for the stars often gets in the way of the more-than-good-enough that might be staring us in the face. We desire something and get unhappy when we don't get it, but if we removed that "perfect" mental image from our heads, we might be completely content with what is actually at hand. How To Fall In Love With Mr. Good Enough

Next week, I'm going to talk about the one sign to look for early in a relationship that tells you that you might be on the right track, but first we have to get there. Where do you go to meet decent guys? The answer, of course, is not bars. Going to bars works for drunken hook-ups (and, hey, sometimes that might be what the Dr. ordered), but for something more promising, you need to be sober and talking to someone who isn't just out for a wasted romp.


Here are five tried-and-true places to meet guys more likely to be good relationship material.

1) In a class. Your local community college and organizations like the YMCA offer a lot of courses for adults—and they're great places to meet new people. Think about it: any guy who's taking a class is clearly into self-improvement. He's striving and curious—two great characteristics in anyone. If it's a cooking class, the benefits are obvious. If it's a language class, he probably wants to travel (you see where this is going). And having signed up for the same subject, the two of you clearly share an interest. There's literally no better place to meet men than in the classroom.

2) Volunteering. Not only are you doing good, but you'll meet a lot of new people. Granted, the woman to man ratio probably won't be so good, but you can rest assured that the guys doing the volunteering have good hearts.