5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"


5 Shockingly Good Dating Tips From "The Bachelor"
The women told all, indeed! How to use their TV dating tips to help your real love life.

3. Breaking up hurts: Try not to hurt him.
Break-ups make all of us want to scream, cry, or embrace our inner Wicked Witch. But it’s always best to take the high road, as host Chris Harrison attempts to do here, telling Rozlyn that he wishes her the best (while trying to kill her with his laser eyes). Does he mean it? We’re not buying it, but the audience is clearly on his side. Then again, if you'd rather scream, yell, and throw a few stones—as she does here, when she accuses the very married Chris of flirting with a married woman—take a hint from Rozlyn and look good while you’re doing it! 



4. We all go a little crazy sometimes: How to save face and move on.
Michelle was an overly emotional, clingy, wreck of a contestant on The Bachelor. She was so unnerving that Jake asked her to leave, mid-date. But we really admired how, despite her shortcomings being broadcast on national TV, she pulled herself together and acted classy. It's a great lesson: everyone messes up sometimes. But a nice smile, the perfect little black dress, and some humility can go a long way toward erasing the crazy.


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