Win Over His Friends In 7 Moves


meeting his friends
Meeting his friends for the first time? Here's how to make them like you.

5. Don't argue. I understand that you may have some strongly-held opinions, and that at least one of your new squeeze's friends is sure to be a raging goober or a blithering assrod, but if the convo takes a hard swing out of friendly and into fist-y territory, you may be on the outs forever.

6. Be into your date. Your style of dating may not involve things like compliments, PDAs or being really nice. Still. Behave with a little bit of tenderness and, I don't know, have really nice things to say about your date, and periodically swing by to see what he/she may be up to. Read: 10 Signs He's Smitten


7. Be a good sport. This goes with item #1 but, in general, go with the flow. I understand that you may not like sushi on grounds of dolphin friendliness (which I'm also against), but be a sport, be a pal, play Pictionary and be nice about it.

None of this is to suggest that you should be a milky milquetoast or someone other than yourself. Unless you're a spoiled, cold, pushy, selfish, grumpy sociopath who can't be bothered with other people's stuff. In that case, feel free to be someone other than yourself, for the rest of your life. Read: 3 Tips For Introducing Boyfriend To Friends