Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Baby Daddy Drama


Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Baby Daddy Drama
Kourtney gives birth—on-camera! But can fatherhood make baby-daddy Scott Disick grow up?

It's odd to find such real emotion and joyous reality in a "reality" TV show, but what a hopeful moment: birth doesn't have to mean we all lose our minds, ala the movies. We can be empowered, focused, and full of love (and/or drugs).

Witnessing his son's birth seems to have changed Scott, for the moment. But rumors of a break-up persist. Do you think he'll stay the loyal, reformed dad and boyfriend, or will he continue to be one of the smarmiest, preppiest villains in reality TV?

Readers, has fatherhood (or the promise of it?) changed any of the men in your lives…and was it for better or for worse?


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