How To Say "I Love You" Without Words


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Express the depths of your love with one of these 34 romantic gestures.

8.    Impromptu foot rubs.
9.    Impromptu oral sex.
10.    Bringing a pint of her favorite ice cream home.
11.    Not finishing the last of the ice cream because you know she'll want to finish it.
12.    Sitting through Dear John/(500) Days Of Summer, especially more than once.
13.    Making spaghetti sauce without meatballs forevermore because she's a vegetarian
14.    Politely eating dinner with her most unpleasant relatives.
15.    Switching over to her favorite brand of shampoo, soap or toothpaste.
16.    Setting the car radio back to her favorite station before you get out of the car.
17.    Cleaning up data on her computer / making it run more smoothly without being asked.
18.    Being the designated driver on a boozy night out.
19.    Walking her dog on a cold snowy morning when you know she needs an extra 30 minutes of sleep.
20.    Making her bed while she's in the shower.
21.    Letting her bitch about her friends/family/work ad nauseum without rolling your eyes or zoning out.
22.    Going to her family's place for the holidays without complaint.
23.    Taking allergy injections so she and her two cats can move in with you.
24.    Going out in the rain on a Sunday morning and picking up a latte and whole wheat bagel with cream cheese for her.
25.    Telling her that she's beautiful even when she knows for a fact that she's looking like crap.
26.    Asking "Did you lose weight?" and being sincere about it.
27.    Not rearranging the Netflix queue in your favor.
28.    Listening to her problems without always trying to fix them.
29.    Bringing her Chick-Fil-A when you travel outside of New York.
30.    And not interrupting her as she savors it/scarfs it down.
31.    Taking a shower hotter than you like because she's in there and that's the temp she prefers.
32.    Making her a mixtape.
33.    Thinking her "flaws" or "imperfections"—like her weird cowlick or stubby feet—are cute rather than ugly.
34.    Showing interest in her job and hobbies, even when they aren't things that normally would intrigue you.

Written by Amelia McDonnell-Parry for The Frisky

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