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Nancy Schaub
My experience with TFT and pain:
Going from eight to ten narcotic pills a day down to none, allowing me to live a half normal life not dealing 24 hours a day controlled by the pain. I started in the hospital around the middle of December on morphine. After 5 back surgeries. I was in constant pain on the medication at home for about 7 months and was able to get off all the pain medication in 3 to 4 weeks using the Thought Field Therapy prescription
In December, a year after my last back surgery, and 6 months since my last X-rays that was right before I started coming here. They took new X-rays and when I went to see my surgeon he had them. He was literally dumbfounded by the amount of bone mass that had been created in the spine where I had had the surgeries. That was where I had my pain was. He literally could not believe it. That was where I had rods , pins and plates put in and taken out. They finally determined that I had been allergic to the metal. They sent me home with an open incision from my waist up. I was on home IVs for over 3 months with visiting nurses. Then I started having pain on the other side, and that is how I ended up here at Advanced Diagnostics (Dr. Nicosia). My neuropsychiatrist knew that I was literally on the verge of committing suicide. I could not stand the pain it was 24 hours a day, it gave me no peace, no life. It consumed every bit of energy I had. There had to be some other way. The pain pills were not working anymore. SP fortunately, my neuropsychiatrist knew about the work you were doing here and that’s how I ended up here. I got rid of my pain. Yes, I did tap a lot. I tapped until I thought my hands were going to fall off. I tapped maybe ten or twelve times a day because it felt so good to be rid of that pain. It just felt wonderful because it hade just been months dealing with that pain, you know you’re not a person anymore when you have that pain, you become a monster. All I could think about was that pain. That pain just overtook my life. I think it is a vicious circle when you hurt, then your mind starts to hurt and then your body starts top hurt worse. It’s terrible and you do start to think that the only way out of this pain is suicide. After having the back surgeries and being therein the hospital for 5 weeks, I’ll tell you that if I could have picked up the chair I my room, I can be truthful and tell you that I would have thrown it out the window, I would have jumped out., because I simply couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t.. By end of the summer I didn’t have any pain to deal with. I look at my life now like a person who has a second chance. When I had the stroke and the seizures, I was given one chance in a hundred to live. I was in a coma for a week. They had told my family that I wasn’t going to make it. I made it. So to me what could I possibly be unhappy about. My husband had a heart transplant. So we are two people in one house that both have a second chance. But when I had the pain, I never thought about my life. All I could think about was that pain. Thank you Dr. Nicosia. Thank you for your treatment here. It literally saved my life. I could not take that pain anymore and my neuropsychiatrist knew we were at an end. Now she says you look so good. She is so excited about this. Thank you. Thank you.
Sincerely, Nancy Schaub, 2001.
Nancy, a 50 year old caucasian female was first seen by me upon the referral of her neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Marilyn Krauss post 5 back surgeries in December 1997 that were followed by severe infection for which she was antibiotics for 2 1/2 months. Her history was significant for an aortic valve replacement in April 1997 that had resulted in seizures and coma that left her with moderate neuropsychological impairment for which she had undergone Occupational Therapy. Nancy presented with severe unremitting back pain associated with nonhealing fractures and was uncontrolled with multiple medications. She was severely depressed and had become hopeless expressing suicidal ideation and frequent panic attacks. Nancy was treated with TEST, a form of Thought Field Therapy.
She obtained a substantial reduction in pain after her first treatment decreasing from 10 to 3 SUDS. Her anxiety reduced from 9 to 2 Suds and her depression from a rating of 9 to 7 Suds. She was taught to perform her customized treatment and used this therapy at home many times each day.
Nancy took her last pain medication on 6/12/97, only eight days after her initial treatment. Her depression and panic, and numerous symptoms of PTSD including insomnia and flashbacks also responded to her treatment that targeted many events related to her multiple surgeries and sudden total disability. By the end of August, Nancy no longer displayed symptoms of depression, she was optimistic about her recovery. Se had no significant pain and had not had a panic attack for many weeks and she was able to use her TEST treatment protocol to quell her anxiety during ongoing medical testing. Her other medications were also reduced. Nancy then began cognitive rehabilitation. Ten years later Nancy still uses her Energy Psychology procedures that have helped her cope with a debilitating fall and problems associated with diabetes. Nancy continues to be an optimistic person and is an inspiration to her friends and family.

(Note: Nancy died suddenly in January 2010 and is remembered by all for her wonderful, sometimes irreverent sense of humor, kindness and love of life, her husband Paul and the Rolling Stones.)

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