7 Ways To Push His Buttons


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Guaranteed ways to make him self-implode with annoyance.

– Peter, 58, married 33 years He Thinks Your Feedback Is Nagging

6. Try to control his every move.
My ex-girlfriend didn't understand the concept of individual identities. Whenever I traveled long-distance to visit my friends or did anything that didn't involve her, or that she had no control over, she'd get snippy. I'd try to tell her she was being irrational, but it would only make her more upset. After awhile, I kept my mouth shut but, when things remain bottled up like that, peace can't be maintained indefinitely. In the end, we didn't last.


– Chris, 27, together for almost two years 10 Dating Mindsets Sabotaging Your Love Life

7. Refuse to believe him when he says everything is okay.
My wife has a knack for asking me if I'm OK, or what's bothering me, when she thinks that I'm upset about something. In many cases, yes, there might actually have been some little, infinitesimally small thing nagging me, but other times I'm just zoning out for a second... regardless, without fail, this sets off a series of persistent followups—"come on, what's bugging you, I know something's wrong, why don't we talk about it?"—until, wouldn't you know it, now there IS something bugging me. I haven't really figured out a solution, and it's only made worse because she's not pushing my buttons so much as expressing her concern and trying to help me get out of a funk—horrible, I know.

– Dan, 29, married 1.5 years, together almost 11

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