The Friend

The Friend

The boyfriend 'Jake' and I have been in a relationship for almost two years. In the beginning, we dated for three weeks and had a weird long distance type thing for three months (due to his internship), but after that we've been pretty much living together and are in a very committed relationship. I don't know if his friend 'Elle' had a crush on him or not but she was obsessed with him when we started going out. She would call at least three times every day, get angry if he said he was busy, etc. Jake and I'd been friends for a month before we started dating and during this time, he'd assured me that even if she was the last woman on earth, he wouldn't feel attracted to her (however, she was a very important friend). I’ve seen pictures of her, talked to her, and know what her personality is like, so I believe him. She on the other hand, thinks she is the most beautiful, most talented, smartest goddess that ever lived-- she truly believes that.

She was also there during his internship abroad (their home country, she was visiting for the summer), and throughout the three months, she would keep flirting with him. I don’t know about ‘in person’ but I have seen all the facebook messages as well as google chat messages and she was definitely flirting. He never flirted back but he didn’t discourage her either. According to him, he had already tried discouraging her for years and it never worked so he just ignored the flirty parts. Not only did she flirt, she would keep telling him stuff like ‘she’s not really your girlfriend’ ‘you’re not in a real relationship anyway’ etc.  After he returned from the internship, her phone calls got worse. She’d call in intervals of three hours and then throw a tantrum if he didn’t talk to her for an hour. Finally he stopped talking to her for two months and she got the picture.

Things calmed down for a while and Jake slowly started talking to her again. A month later, she was back to trying to create drama again. She’d keep insisting who he found better looking me or his ex etc etc (basically, the kind of questions that got under my skin)—he’d brush her off. Then she kept asking how serious the relationship was and when he told her it was serious enough that we were thinking of getting married in a year, she freaked out in a bad way.  I heard her because she was on speakerphone.

Now, she has a boyfriend of her own and keeps trying to get him jealous by using Jake (who finds her juvenile antics stupid but harmless and funny). I realize I should find it stupid and harmless too but after all the things that this girl has done, I just can’t. For the lack of a better word, I’m so irritated by this girl that I fear I will never be able to be friends with her or just even hang out with her because of all the things she’s done and the fact that she continues to use Jake as a device to make her boyfriend jealous. I’d like to be able to like her as Jake insists there is a nice side to her, and lately she’s making an effort to get to know me but feel like all hope is lost.


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