Inside The Mind Of A Cougar


Inside The Mind Of A Cougar
Enter the cougar den at your own risk and learn what one woman thinks about the thrill of the hunt.

I don't want a smoker. I don't want a man with hair in his ears. I don't want a bad dresser. I don't want anyone prejudiced. I don't want anyone who ever agreed with anything Rush Limbaugh said or thought. I don't want a man who dances like Karl Rove. I don't want anyone who mispronounces "supposedly."  (Some men put a "b" where the "d" is. This drives me nuts.) I don't want anyone who is not kind to beggars. I don't want any man who kills animals or shoots a gun for fun or watches extreme sports or wrestling. I don't want a man who gives you a small ring box on Valentine’s Day with a pair of earrings in it. I don't want a man who read Catcher in the Rye in high school and thought it was a funny book or, who thought Animal Farm was about animals. I don't want any man who likes Kenny G more than David Sanborn. Or any man who likes only action movies and won't see anything with subtitles.

After considering all this, I decided to give up even thinking about dating again, and to take up scrapbooking.

But I never was very good at scrapbooking. I met a man by chance, and we started to go to the movies together.

Love hunger is like eating potato chips. You can't have just one . . . or two. No matter how hard you try.

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