How to have sex

How to have sex

Why are we never taught how to have sex?  It is a natural act that is part of life and part of a relationship between a man and a woman.  However, we are never given any instruction on how to have sex.  Some books and articles claim to explain what to do, but few if any of them give a step by step detailed explanation of how to have sex.  The problem is simply that many men do not know how to perform sex well.  How often do women fail to have orgasms?  How often do women feel compelled to fake orgasms?  Men should be taught how to have sex correctly and with expertise.  When it comes to handling themselves and a woman during the act of sex, they should learn exactly what to do and exactly how to it!
Two of the most famous lovers of women of all time were Don Juan and Casanova.  They knew how to have sex.  What was it about them that made them so successful with and irresistible to women?  Why are their names synonymous with Masters in the Art of Sex?  Maybe they knew that nothing gives a man more pleasure than completely and totally satisfying a beautiful and sexy woman.  So, what should a man learn to be admired by a woman as they were?  First of all, he should learn what a woman wants and needs from him before, during, and after intimacy.  He should understand what he and the woman need from each other.  Secondly, he should become aware of what stimulates a woman.  He needs to know how he can “turn her on.”  Of course, she will respond to what he does physically.  However, he should also know how to communicate to her verbally, what demeanor to have when he is with her, and how and when to touch her.  For example, should he be more dominant in the relationship rather than letting her take the lead?  Most, if not all, women want a man that is confident, supportive, and strong.  They want to be able to trust their man to lead them intelligently and successfully.
As for intimacy itself, a man should be fully aware of what excites a woman and what “turns her off.”  He should know to avoid negative subjects of conversation unless they must be discussed.  He must be well versed in how to give her honest and appropriate compliments.  A knowledgeable man will know how to gaze upon a woman, how to kiss her, how to caress her, and how to have sex with her.  As previously stated, people are never taught how to perform the act of sex.  We have no class or other training that informs us how to behave during sexual intimacy.  We have to make an effort to gain this knowledge along with the best techniques to use.
If one does make an effort to learn, he can gain the necessary knowledge to be able to cause a woman to have multiple orgasms every time that he is intimate with her.  Once he does acquire that knowledge, he will be in the top percentile of men when it comes to making love to a woman.  It is not very difficult to learn how to be an expert at sex.  Rather than difficulty, the problem is that most men are never given the proper information concerning sexual sensitivity, verbal stimulation, oral sex, sexual intercourse, or a woman’s body.  For example, it is very important for a man to observe and use a woman’s physical sensitivity to stimulate her.  He must learn about a woman’s body and its many wonderful erogenous zones.  If he has little or no understanding about a woman’s clitoris or her G-spot, he cannot become an expert at sex.  However, after he does learn about a woman’s body and its most sensitive areas, he will be able to much better make love to that woman.  He needs to understand how to combine various techniques to raise the woman’s level of stimulation to the highest levels possible.  He should understand how quickly to move during sexual intercourse and how to vary his speed of movement and his depth.  If he does learn these things, a man can easily push a woman’s buttons to give her true ecstasy, as well as numerous orgasms!  After all, does not every man want to become a true Master in the Art of Sex?           
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