Nonverbal Cues That Your Date Is Into You

By YourTango

body language
Learn to read these subtle body language clues and detect what your date's really thinking.

7. Pointed Toes in Your Direction: It may seem like a minor gesture, but if a person (particularly a man) is pointing his toes and/or body in your direction on a date, things are going well. Males generally point their bodies in the direction of the women they like to let them know they're attracted to them. This is a particularly helpful tip if you're in a group setting and the man is generally always facing in your direction. It may imply he's trying to single you out in a crowd with his attention. 

8. Physical Contact: A hand on the knee, a peck on the cheek, a pat on the arm—it's all about making contact to indicate the interest in more contact. People generally don't touch other people they're not interested in, so if your date has made any physical contact that doesn't include wiping that drink off you she may have accidentally spilled, it's a positive. Lessons in Intimacy: The Lover's Touch


9. Highlighting the Best Attributes: If your date isn't touching you, she may be touching, er, herself. Whether a woman is running her hands through her hair or a man is flexing his muscles, we all tend to inadvertently highlight our best attributes in front of someone we're into. If she's drawing attention to her lips, it's a solid sign of attraction; if he's got his thumbs tucked into his pants pockets … well, you get the drift.  

Dating is difficult enough, so any leg up is a good thing; knowing how to read a person's body language is a great way to get that. And if anyone's actual leg is up at some point during the date, hey, all the more in favor of success!

Written by Danielle Samaniego for DivineCaroline.

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