This Week's 5 Most Shocking "Bachelor" Moments


Ali Bachelor Crying
Ali wants Jake back—but will he let her come to St. Lucia?










1. Ali calls and pleads for Jake to take her back. And he says no! After all, it's been an entire week. At least. He may have been falling in love with her, but that was, like, seven days ago. And we are fully back and immersed in the true Bachelor universe.


In the end, Jake kicked Gia off the show, which was also mind-blowing. We were pretty sure he'd let her rockin' bod make it to the finale. To Jake's credit, he seems interested in more than just a set of pretty, pouty lips. And to Gia's credit, she tells Jake that he made the right choice.


And so we're left to ponder which will win Jake's heart in two weeks' time: Tenley's baby voice or Vienna's breasts? And bonus shocker, in this preview for the finale: why are both Tenley and Vienna weeping at the final rose ceremony?


What do you Bachelor fans think? Is it clever editing, or are the ladies really upset? Is it a shock that Jake told Tenley they don't have any physical chemistry? And would you ever try out to be on The Bachelor...or have you already?

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