5 Date Ideas Inspired By The Winter Olympics


ski jump winter olympics 2010
The two of you can have fun with these cold-weather sports...even if you're not gold-medal material.

4. Olympic Event: Snowboarding
Olympic-worthy Date: Snowboarding
If you feel the urge to turn your nose up at skiing because it's just not exxxtreme enough (you're nuts; we're staying in the lodge), give snowboarding a go. It's sort of like surfing, except that it hurts more when you fall. But you never fall. You're too good for that. If you do, though, you can wrap up the day by giving each other muscle-relaxing massages.

5. Olympic Event: Ice Hockey
Olympic-worthy Date: Ice Hockey
Of course, if you've been spending your every waking hour indoors, you may be sick of each other by now. Couple friends to the rescue! Gather together all your favorites and get together for an on-the-ice scrimmage, boys against girls. We fully approve of in-game body slams. Fun And Free: Competition As Aphrodisiac

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