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" My Love Square"


I've been talking to this dude for three years, but the flip side of it is that we never seen each other in person. Yea we shared pics and talked on the phone, and i love him and is in love with him; but is it possible to be in love with three people? Since we were never physically together we both decided that we see other people but to a certain level. He hasn't been seeing anyone lately so i told him that i haven't either. (Big mistake) Now I'm stuck on the edge because I've been seeing two guys, 1 i've known ever since 9th grade and the other someone i've been seeing for 7 months. Both have recently expressed some strong feelings for me, wanting to make a commitment. None of them know about each other, but i love all three of them. I know i should choose but i'm comfortable in my own personal love square. I'm in college, still young, should i be worried??...


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