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Valentine's TOP 10 : A Sexier 2010!

Valentine's TOP 10 : A Sexier 2010!
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1. Hot guys. Talented men. And real Vampires. i said this is a wishlist!

2. Makeup sex, minus the fight.

3. Flattering lighting!

4. Lingerie worthy of the hot stuff you're putting in it!

5. Sexting

6. Insanely romantic handwritten love letters.

7. Having every one of your EXs want you back! And YOU being too sexy to say yes. (ok, one quickie might be ok)

8. Romance. It just makes the sex THAT much hotter!

9. So many orgasms in one night that you lose count...

10 .. or just one so great you can't possibly find the energy for another.

Happy Valetine's Day my sexy ladies!

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