Penis Enlargement Methods


Penis Enlargement Methods

Girth enhancement involves either grafting strips
of tissue consisting of skin and the underlying layers of fat, into the penile
shaft between the erectile tissue and skin or either injecting liposucted fat
taken from the abdomen.

Effectiveness of PES


Cutting the suspensory ligaments usually results
in an immediate gain of around an inch in flaccid length. However, at the time
of surgery erect length boosts very little. The penis must be extended for a
minimum of 8 hours a day over the following months, to achieve increase in
erect length.

In a minority of cases, penis enlargement can
have the reverse effect and result in penis shortening, due to the development
of scar tissue that strengthen and reduces during the healing process. Fat
injections can primarily enhance girth by up to 3 inches. However, injected fat
be inclined to reabsorbed back into the body over the following months, and
there is always a partial loss in girth. Reabsorbtion is also sometimes rough,
and the penis is left looking quite lumpy.


Any surgical procedure always involved risks. All
possible risks include infections, badly healing wounds and permanent scarring.
When done by a very skilled surgeon, the odds of experiencing a total loss of
sexual function or extreme penile disfigurement are now quite low, because of
the advance in techniques. But these risks and side effects still remain, as
mentioned above.

4. Description of Natural Penis Enlargement

To increase the penis size, natural penis
enlargement uses only exercise. The penis consists mostly of erectile tissue,
and the main function of natural penis enlargement is to enlarge and develop
this sponge like tissue through the use of exercises.

As the tissue slowly expands, the overall blood
capacity of the penis also develops, and this results to permanent enlargement
in both penis length and thickness. Other exercises focus on increasing the
ligaments within the penis, allowing the erectile tissue to extend length wise
to its maximum.

Effectiveness of NPE

Natural penis enlargement is the most effective way to permanently enlarge penis
size, excluding surgery. Erectile tissue reacts to exercise in a very similar
way to muscle.

You'll find that only after a few weeks of
exercise, your erections will become much harder and thicker than before,
because of the much improved blood flow to the penis. You will have the
improved and stretched erectile tissue to its maximum within 3-5 months.


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