He Says No Relationship; Should She Say No To Sex?


sex without relationship
If you knew up front he didn't want commitment, would you still sleep with him?

Also to be avoided: Waiting longer than common sense allows. A reader named fouvang wrote: "I'm at my wits end with the guy I'm currently talking to. It's been months and months and I just about gave up…I guess I'll just endure a little bit more." I'm nervous about the word "endure." We "endure" torture, or romantic comedies, or extended visits from in-laws. Don't wait around too long waiting for him to see what's right in front of him. There's no set amount of time here, but if it ain't gonna happen, there will be a time when you need to admit that and cut him off.

If he doesn’t want to commit, does sex have to be withheld? What are some clear signs that he is, in fact, NEVER going to want a relationship?


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