Love, Beauty, Sex Through Alexander McQueen's Eyes


Alexander McQueen
Looking back on his wit, humor and style.

What is the difference between romance and sex? How does it apply to your work?
I think it's the difference between making love and having sex. Your heart goes into it and sex is on a superficial level. Romance is where my heart is.

Although homosexuality is still a contentious subject in Western society, you seem not to be scared by letting your sexuality known. Has that required bravery? Has your sexuality helped you to design your collections?
I think before you get onto a public platform, you have to deal with yourself before you put yourself out there. Things like sexuality always come out, and you come off worse by not being true to yourself. I came out in i-D magazine when I was 19. I remember it like it was yesterday. Yes, I think my sexuality has helped my designs.


Does fashion really matter?
Of course. Does sex?

Do you wear a butt plug?
No, but I might need to soon.

What is your personal definition of beauty?
I think there is beauty in everything. What 'normal' people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it. I appreciate your work with the same depth of feeling as that of Bosch. Your Leda and the Swan is one of my favourite pieces. I find the man so graceful.

Describe what would be a fantasy moment of pure happiness to you.
You dirty cow, 10 12" dicks

[Source: ShowStudio]

Promiscuity is partially responsible for the proliferation of HIV and AIDS. I have a very idealistic idea of what my life should be about. The road I've chosen is a clean path of monogamy. Of course, as a gay man, it is not really going to happen. [laughs] I've been single now for over two years. Got any boyfriends? [Source: Index Magazine]

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