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Amazing stories popping up all over the net and T.V. gossip shows regarding poor Renee Zellweger not getting any love from her beau Bradley for Valentine's Day.  He's telling everyone that he's spending it with his mom, Gloria, who's coming out from Jenkintown, PA., to spend the big day with him in California.  Wow...sounds like poor little Renee will be all alone in NYC where she was seen landing just a few about a week ago.  NOT!  Truth is, Renee is in Berlin, where she arrived the other day for her stint as a judge for the "Berlinale" or the The Berlin Film Festival, the second most important film festival in the world after Cannes.  The festival runs from February 11 through February 21 and Renee, as one of the seven judges, will be there for the entire event.  Bradley still has obligations here in the States with regard to his movie, "Valentine's Day" and then there is the London premiere, on February 11.  So......all the BS about them NOT SPENDING VALENTINE'S DAY TOGETHER is just the press trying to drum up some drama.  Good work. Maybe we'll see Bradley over in Berlin at some point?  Maybe not..who knows with these two.  Weirdest relationship ever.


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