Bad to the Bone


I was having dinner with a guy I was seeing and I ordered the fish and he ordered the game bird. I was content with my meal but he insisted that I had to try some of his. He cut a piece of the bone and fed me the poultry off his fork. I took one bite and thought “geeze this is a really moist bird”. I didn’t really like it but I swallowed it quickly rather then spit it out.
He continued eating his meal but I just stared at him in horror because I noticed his bird was so raw that I could see the pink from across the table. I was grossed out that he managed to eat almost half of this raw bird and that he thought it was so good that I had to try it to! Well I told him that his food was raw and he stopped eating it. We both sat there with these defeated looks. The date was ruined because he started to feel sick and I said good night to him so I could run myself to a drug store and pick up some precautionary Pepto!


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