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Share your heart with other singles who are less fortunate.  Make cards and cupcakes for  the elderly people in your neighborhood who have nobody on this special day.  Mary, 40, spent the last two years volunteering at a local nursing home on Valentine’s Day to brighten spirits.  Last year, when an older neighbor lost her husband to cancer, Mary spent time with her during the holiday instead.  Giving to those who are alone is an act of love that can’t be replaced with candles, dinner or chocolates.  Inspire your children by reaching out and giving of yourself, this is the most grown up way to spend the day.

Pamper Yourself
If all you want to do is spend your lovely single state of mind alone, there’s no better way than a day of pampering.  Give yourself a manicure, pedicure or long hot bubble bath.  Make an appointment for a haircut, massage or make-up application.  Book a personal shopper at the nearest department store and find a few slimming outfits or join a gym.  There are many ways to celebrate you.  Of course, make sure that you find someone in advance to watch the kids.


Love is shared in many ways.  This Valentine’s Day, do away with the stereotype that it's just for lovers and spend time with the most important partner—You!


Lori Bizzoco is a writer, journalist and blogger living in Brooklyn, NY.  She is currently working on a memoir detailing how she found love in less than a year. For more dating and relationship advice, follow Lori on Twitter @loribizz

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