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 Grown Up Valentine's Day Ideas Valentine’s Day isn’t just for fancy dressed couples to display their affection in public as they court one another with chocolate covered strawberries.  Yet, it can feel that way when you don’t have a significant other.  Single parents often hide behind their kids so that they don’t need to face being romantically remote.  Their children become their special Valentine as they bring them carefully crafted school made cards covered with Pink symbols of love

If you’re dateless during the holiday, don’t let it get you down.  With 90 Million singles in the U.S., there are many couple-less parents who know how to have a great time on Valentine’s Day.  So, call a babysitter for the evening, and start celebrating you!


Call in the Troops
Reach out to other singles from your son's or daughter's school and ask them how they’re spending their time.  If they’re planning an evening indoors watching Desperate Housewives, motivate them to get out for a nice dinner, a movie or even a comedy show for some good old-fashioned laughter.  If you don’t know a group of single parents in your area start meeting some by joining organizations like or find romance on the internet at

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