Is Lindsey Vonn's SI Cover Sexist?

By YourTango

Is Lindsey Vonn's SI Cover Sexist?

s well.  We already think of our athletes as empty-headed studs and studlets and pay them handsomely for it.  Why not go all the way?  Why not show an ad with, say, Reggie Bush half naked or Tom Brady with his fingers in the shape of a triangle over his mouth and his tongue poking through?   

Lindsey Vonn is pretty.  Seeing her on Sports Illustrated in a normal, though slightly exaggerated skiing position while being named “America’s Best Woman Skier Ever,” is not as offensive as seeing her on the cover of Maxim in a thong “showing us the money.” 

Here’s what I propose.  Let’s keep the sexual objectification of athletes and get rid of the objectification we foist onto everyone else.  Let singers sing, actors act and politicians proposition cops in bathrooms.  Let’s leave it to athletes to do what they do best: maintain rock hard bods and score.

**Reprinted from Laura K. Warrell's blog Tart and Soul at

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