Valentine's Day Weddings & Proposals (So Cute!)


Stories of couples who got engaged or married on Valentine’s Day.

Gray agrees: "I was always ambivalent about Valentine's Day before—too much pressure when you're in a committed relationship, and a painful reminder when you're not. A Valentine's anniversary has totally purged my ambivalence."

Kurt Kutay, who was married on February 14, says, "For me, Valentine's Day is more than dinner and chocolates, because it's also our anniversary. And love is not just about two lovers, but also their life, their family and their friends. So we get much happiness by sharing our special day with other couples."

Before wrapping this up, we'd better wish Zach Leibowitz lots of luck. He's getting married this February 14. He says: "I joke that I will never forget my anniversary—or I'll be a dead man." Somehow, his bride-to-be doesn't find this as hilarious as he does.