Valentine's Day Weddings & Proposals (So Cute!)


Stories of couples who got engaged or married on Valentine’s Day.

Now, meet Michael and Elizabeth Fournier. They met on Valentine's Day... at a funeral. Later on in their relationship, "Michael was processing remains at the funeral home where he worked," says Elizabeth, "and I came to hang out. We were alone, and he got on one knee while we were shutting off the lights in the visitation room. Someone was actually slumbering in the room when it all went down."

So why choose Valentine's Day as the time to pop the question? Dana Dugan said this of her husband: "He's highly sentimental and, the year before, on VDay, was the first time we'd slept together. So it was already an anniversary of sorts." Well, then.


Then there are those who were married on February 14.

Married On Valentine's Day
Terry Aldershof had no problem getting his friends to attend his VDay wedding. "We chartered a huge boat...[and] were married just as the sun was setting on the Gulf of Mexico. ... Afterward, we dined on lobster, shrimp, mahi-mahi and prime rib, then danced until we docked around 3 a.m. ... We also reserved a block of rooms and put our guests up for the remainder of that week. ... It wasn't just our wedding day. It was also their Valentine's Day, so we wanted to make sure it was memorable."

Susan Hawkins shares a somewhat different tale. "My husband and I were married February 14, 1984, which was a Tuesday," she says. "We eloped to Savannah, GA, and were married by a blind judge. His secretaries signed as witnesses but were not in chambers when he performed the short ceremony, so no one actually saw us get married." Still, no one could question the strength of their commitment. Last February, they celebrated their 25th anniversary. The 10 Best Places To Elope

Stephanie Pedersen and her hubby were married on Valentine's Day at the NYC Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Their ceremony took place under a stuffed deer head, and was performed by a "church of nature" priest. There was even a Texas lasso champion on the premises, who wandered the establishment roping couples in "Texas Love Knots."

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