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Speed-Shrink Your Way To True Love


Susan Shapiro hosts an event where both editors and shrinks share the secrets to true love.

This coming Friday, February 12, Susan Shapiro—the author of novel Speed Shrinking—is hosting a Speed Shrinking for Love Party at the Washington Square Institute, from 7-9 p.m. The relationship-challenged and lovelorn are invited to come and watch 16 shrinks, relationship gurus, agents and editors answer the question: How do I find my true love faster?

Need more convincing? Wine and chocolate will be provided. (We're sold!) Not only that, but two of our very own YourTango staffers will be on Shapiro's professional panel of love. Genevieve Lill—YourTango's Associate Editor—will be representing us on the editorial side, while our YourTango/ProConnect Marketing Director, Melanie Gorman, will be providing a shrink's perspective. Gorman has an M.A. in Psychology from Lewis and Clark College, has been a relationship counselor and dating coach, and has worked with John Gray, co-creating the Ask MarsVenus Relationship Coaching Program.

They'll be joined by a number of other editors and mental health professionals, including's Erin Bradley (the babe behind Miss Information), The Daily Beast's Will Doig and well-known psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert.

Want to prepare for Friday night? Check out some of Genevieve's previously-written love advice:

Hope to see you there!


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