Wedding in Winter


Attire for Your Winter Wedding

Think about you and your
sweetie in the elegant look of old Hollywood; the groom in tails, and
the bride in a white long silk dress with a white fur or faux fur wrap.
Evoke the season with "ice" –diamond or diamond-like jewelry. 90% of
wedding dresses are strapless or sleeveless, but that's not so
practical for a bride who wants to take pictures outside, or needs to
walk any distance. Look for wraps, shrugs, and capes, or dramatic
coats. I've always loved the look of a bride in a white dress and a
large red shawl, huddled against her groom who has a red boutonnière.
And don't forget your bridesmaids! An attractive wrap to wear on the
day of your wedding and beyond makes a great bridesmaid present.

Where to Have a Winter Wedding

Look for an inn with a
fireplace for an intimate winter wedding. For a larger affair, you may
be able to use a historic mansion or private club that will still have
intimate warmth. Unless you're getting married in a state that will
have guaranteed snow during your wedding date, avoid a room that has a
large picture window. You may imagine drifts of beautiful snow, and end
up with a grey rainy day. Be sure to ask what seasonal decorations they
use – you'll save money as many sites are already heavily decorated.
Also, check to make sure your site will be adequately heated during the
winter months; old churches can be especially drafty.

Planning the Menu

You can have all of your favorite food but
add some winter touches like a squash dish, or warm pumpkin soup.
Consider serving eggnog, spiced wine, or hot chocolate (alcoholic or
non-) as special treats. Look for an all-white cake, decorated with
snowflake patterns, silver embellishments, or sugar sculptures. Ask
your caterer about using a decorative snow globe as a cake topper

Winter Wedding Flowers

Decide whether you want to go for a
silver and white elegant look, or celebrate the season with reds and
greens. For those who like silver, look for dusty miller, silver-dollar
eucalyptus, and baby blue eucalyptus, mixed with white flowers such as
roses, football mums, crocus, lilies and stephanotis. If you're looking
for a brighter bouquet, consider red roses with holly and pine-tree
greenery. In season flowers such as tulips, roses, and ornamental
berries generally will be less expensive choices.

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